Wyndham Wallace

Wyndham Wallace is genuinely the name of an Englishman who’s lived in Berlin, Germany since 2004, after spending the previous eight years running the UK office of Berlin’s City Slang Records. His acclaimed first book, Lee, Myself & I (about his friendship with legendary singer/songwriter/producer/ entrepreneur Lee Hazlewood) was published in May, 2015 by Jawbone Press. He often works as a music and (occasional) travel journalist, writing regularly for (amongst others) Uncut, The Quietus and Classic Pop (for whom he is the New Releases reviews editor), as well as contributing to other publications, including The Guardian. He is also a writer/editor/photographer for the irreverent A Poor Man’s Connoisseur Guide series, which has now published three volumes (Oslo, Tromsø and Træna), while his photographs have been published in The Guardian, Berliner Zeitung, Uncut, View and more.

In addition, he’s worked as a consultant for two of Norway’s finest festivals, by:Larm and Træna, and managed Lee Hazlewood and Nashville musician Cortney Tidwell, writing lyrics for both. He’s also provided English subtitles for German films, including Jan Ole Gerster’s award-winning Oh Boy (aka A Coffee In Berlin) and Sebastian Schipper’s lauded Victoria (for which he also acted as music consultant, working with composer Nils Frahm, who won Best Soundtrack at the German Film Prizes, one of six trophies collected by the movie). Furthermore, he’s written album liner notes and artist press biographies for a diverse range of artists, and is currently working on a music documentary. Of course he’s never met anyone else called Wyndham, but he knows they’re out there.